New South Carolina offensive coordinator Mike Bobo has faced recent allegations about racism from his time as head coach at Colorado State. Bobo addressed them for the first time in a Zoom call with reporters on Thursday.

The allegations stemmed from a report by the Fort Collins Coloradoan that claimed Bobo made “racially insensitive” comments during his time running the Colorado State program and helped foster a toxic culture within the Ram program that has extended to the current coaching staff.

Coach Will Muschamp and other former colleagues of Bobo have come to his defense and defended his character.

Bobo said it’s been a difficult time for his family, and he’s appreciated support from former players and assistant coaches and other colleagues.

“But one thing that it has made me realize it’s made me want to be, you know, a better a better coach, a better person, a better father, a better husband, a better brother, you know, a better teammate to my former teammates, a better friend, when you read those things and realize that, you know, you’ve done some good things but you can do better in regarding this issue,” Bobo said. “… I was completely transparent, and I have nothing to hide, in an ongoing investigation that coach has put forth in saying all that I want to say that you know I am, I’m not perfect. I’ve never claimed to be perfect. I’ve never claimed to be a guy that has the answers to everything.”

Bobo added that he took offense to the allegations that a member of the team, or any staff member was treated racially insensitive.

“Or there might have been abuse, you know what all I can say is that, you know, we’re family,” he said. “We were a family there we loved each other. And, you know, I can honestly say I treated people, you know, like how what like I would like to be treated like I would want them to treat my child, hold them to account be accountable, hold them to a higher standard and love them and say it all that.”

Bobo added that he simply didn’t win enough games at CSU, and he’s trying to win more games at South Carolina.