According to a report by The State, two current South Carolina players (and one former) have been accused of assaulting a man in a Five Points bar fight early Saturday just before 3:00 a.m.

Deebo Samuel, Skai Moore and Jalen Dread are the three mentioned in the incident report from the police department, and none of the three have been charged. Dread recently obtained his release from the program.

Here’s a snippet from the report:

The 24-year-old victim is described by a family member as an Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan. He told officers he confronted the men after they knocked his phone out of his hand inside the bar.

“The subjects then became agitated, refuting the accusation,” the report states. “After a few seconds, the incident escalated to the subjects physically assaulting him.”

The victim was hit several times in the face and had visible swelling around his left eye, police said. Bar staff pulled the men off the victim and escorted them from the bar, which is located at 812 Harden St. in the commercial district adjacent to the University of South Carolina campus.

None of the players were on the scene when the police arrived, but bar staff members told officers the incident was captured on video.

Although no charges have been filed, police said an investigator has been assigned to the case.