When you’re in the world of college athletics (and in university life in general), keeping boosters happy is the name of the game. More boosters with deep pockets, more money in the university coffers.

Well, it seems like South Carolina might soon be feeling a pinch in the wallet, as it has angered its top benefactor.

According to a report by The Post and Courier, Darla Moore, South Carolina’s largest benefactor, sent an angry letter to the USC board and administration criticizing the school for not reaching out after the death of her mother. She said she received many messages from Clemson:

In a scathing letter sent to the USC board and administration April 5, Moore said her family received “deep expressions of appreciation and recognition from the faculty and leadership of Clemson University.”

The letter went on to rip South Carolina for failing to acknowledge her mother Lorraine Moore’s death on April 1 at the age of 89:

“There is not a university in the country that would exhibit this degree of thoughtless, dismissive and graceless ignorance of the death of a parent of their largest donor,” Moore wrote. “I continue to be embarrassed and humiliated by my association with you and all you so disgracefully and incompetently display to the community you are charged to serve and to whom you look for support.”

She ended the letter saying, “The deepest regret of my life is the effort and resources I have expended on your behalf.”

According to The Post and Courier’s report, Moore has donated upwards of $75 million to South Carolina, and the business school bears her name.

She also was reportedly angered by the university’s decision to hire Bob Caslen as university president, so it remains to be seen if this relationship can be mended or if it is broken beyond repair.