Spencer Rattler is starting fall camp on Friday, and he’s ready to go as the Oklahoma transfer admitted Thursday at media day with the Gamecocks that it’s been some time since he played live football.

“It’s a new situation, it’s a new place, so it’s definitely fresh and exciting,” Rattler said. “I’m just ready to go. It’s been some time since I played football, for real, so I’m ready to go and we’ll all be dialed in.

Asked what he could do better than previous seasons, Rattler said he’s focused on everything, and not necessarily looking for something to prove.

“Just be me, just play ball,” he said. “Football’s football. We’ve got a great team, great players, great coaches. I’m not trying to prove anything, just get better with these guys, that’s my focus.”

Rattler said he embraces the limelight because he’s been in it since high school, and he’s comfortable with it.

“Going out there and playing my style of game and doing what the coaches ask me to do and everything else will take care of itself,” Rattler said.

Asked about the outside perception of him, Rattler shrugged his shoulders and said that he’s a competitor, a confident guy, a tough guy, a team guy and he loves the game.

“Every coach I’ve played with could tell you that, every teammate,” Rattler said.