Quarterback Stephen Garcia was an interesting player for the South Carolina Gamecocks. He also had one heck of an interesting head coach in Steve Spurrier.

Not only was Spurrier one of the most legendary coaches in college football history, but legend has it, he also had quite a knack for knowing the spread of the games he coached.

This is, at least, according to Garcia, who mentioned that Spurrier was keenly aware of the spread in a recent interview.

“At least the quarterbacks, we were always made aware what the spread was ‘cuz coach Spurrier would tell us,” Garcia told “The Spurs Up Show”. He was like, ‘Aw, s*** they got us favored by 11-and-a-half points’ “.

The interview is worth watching for Garcia’s hilarious impression of Spurrier alone. He also told an interesting story about a game in which the Gamecocks were favored in that ended up with a covered spread because of the South Carolina’s quarterback stepping out of the end zone for a safety.

Garcia called that game “controversial” though he was clearly joking around about it. He did reiterate that Spurrier mentioned the spreads at every single pregame meal, though.

Speaking of controversy, it is worth remembering that Garcia was suspended five games into his senior season, but that’s a different story.