Steve Spurrier owns Dabo Swinney — a statement that cannot be disputed.

After Swinney took the first matchup between the two coaches in 2008 with a 31-14 victory over South Carolina, the Clemson head coach has fallen on hard times when it comes to his in-state rival.

Spurrier has outcoached Swinney, winning the last five matchups between South Carolina and Clemson by at least 10 points in each victory.

The rivalry between Spurrier and Swinney has always been entertaining to watch. Whether it’s one of Spurrier’s infamous quips aimed at Clemson or if it’s Swinney discussing all the ways he believes Clemson is superior to South Carolina, it’s always been an enjoyable showdown.

The two will meet for the seventh time on Saturday, but there’s a chance it could be their last go-round as rival head coaches.

Spurrier, 69, is undoubtedly in the final chapter of his career. This season marked his tenth season at South Carolina, making him the first coach ever to be at two SEC schools for at least a decade.

In this day and age of college football, long-tenured coaches like Spurrier are an anomaly. If it’s not the age that forces coaches into retirement, it’s the lack of success at some juncture in their career. But for Spurrier, his run within the SEC is unprecedented.

His son and co-offensive coordinator, Steve Spurrier Jr., sees his father coaching for several more years.

“I can see him coaching five, six, seven more years — I really can,” Spurrier Jr. said to USA Today Sports. “If we had lost more than we won, started losing in-state games, he could’ve packed his bags awhile back, certainly. But everything he does that he enjoys doing, he does because he’s a football coach.”

However, this wasn’t a season many predicted. Although the Gamecocks have somewhat turned things around in the final weeks of the season, this year has far disappointed from preseason predictions. And with a number of players expected to graduate or leave for the NFL after this season, is Spurrier willing to go through another rebuilding project with the Gamecocks?

No one would blame him if he decided to hang it up and retire to Crescent Beach, Fla., especially with all he’s already accomplished.

As for Swinney, he’s far from retirement at age 45, but his success at Clemson has led to coaching rumors. Most recently, Swinney’s name has come up in discussions regarding the Florida Gators’ head coaching job.

Rumors of Swinney possibly going down to Gainesville heated up in the last week and even forced Swinney to address it following Clemson’s last game.

“I’m not going to be one of those coaches that goes ‘I will never leave Clemson.’ That’s not genuine,” Swinney said. “I have no idea. But I will tell you this, I love Clemson.”

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It was the classic sidestep by a coach involved in rumors and it only fueled more speculation that Swinney could be the guy to replace Will Muschamp. No decision has been made regarding Muschamp’s replacement, but the point stands — as long as Swinney remains successful at Clemson, he’ll be a hot coaching target for premier schools, even if Florida does pass on him now.

Even with all of these rumors floating around about Spurrier and Swinney, there’s still also a very likely chance the two return next season and face off again for the 2015 regular season finale.

Even if that is the case, the recent rumors remind us that great coaching rivalries don’t last forever.

Spurrier and Swinney have been one of those rivalries, and hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see them competing on opposite sidelines.