Steve Spurrier held a conference call Sunday to discuss Saturday’s practice following South Carolina season-opening win over North Carolina and next week’s upcoming home game against Kentucky.

Here’s some of the highlights:

Opening statement + injuries:

“Our two injuries have occurred in practice which is something I thoroughly detest, but (offensive lineman) Cody Waldrop yesterday a lineman fell into his ankle. Cracked a bone in his ankle. He’s going to be out quite awhile. After the game, (QB) Connor Mitch had a hip pointer, (WR) Terry Googer had a bruised thigh and (WR) Deebo (Samuel) strained his hamstring. I don’t know if they’ll be back or not before for the weekend, we’ll have to wait and see.

“Other than that, we’re happy to be 1-0 and believe we can play a lot better. I know we’ve got to coach a lot better. We’re looking forward to playing at home in front of the home crowd. I understand there’s some tickets available. We need a loud crowd here.”

On Mitch’s injury:

“They think he’ll be available. He’s not scheduled to practice tomorrow from what our trainer says, but he should be okay.”

On Samuel’s hamstring:

“Neither him or Googer ran (Saturday). We’ll wait and see if they can run tomorrow.”

On receiving corp depth with injuries:

“We’re worried a little bit. And we’re worried about trying to get somebody open and throwing the ball successfully. Didn’t do it very well the other night. Had a few plays that hit sort of like you draw them up, but not many. You look back and say, ‘Well, we should have called a lot of run plays’ but it wasn’t very smart to call two run plays when we get first down on the 34-yard line there when we got that turnover and started going backwards. It was a tough night for us offensively.”

On Lorenzo Nunez’s lack of play:

“We didn’t play nearly as many players as we planned or hoped to play. It was an extremely close game all the way. Our defensive coaches did not substitute much at all. We didn’t substitute much at all on offense. That’s one of the disadvantages of playing a good team. Sometimes you wish you might play Davidson, or someone like that. Everybody gets to play, all the guys get to catch a pass, run with it and everyone is happy. You get a tough game against a quality opponent and you don’t get to play all the players who have been practicing, busting their tails all preseason.”

On rush defense:

“We have to work on run defense, pass defense. We have to work on everything. Fortunately, our red zone defense was good. Had one player run for about 140 yards on us. Averaged 11 or 12 yards a carry, something like that. I tell you what, it’s hard to get mad at your defense when you held them to 13 points and shut them out the second half. We think we can play better and know we’re going to need to play better on offense and defense.”

On Kentucky’s struggles vs. Louisiana Lafayette:

“Kentucky looked awfully good the first half of that game. I don’t know if you realize, they were up about 33-10 going into that fourth quarter and then all of a sudden, Louisiana Lafayette put some quick little running back in there, he popped two runs and went for a touchdown and all of a sudden, they tied the game up. Kentucky marched down, scored a touchdown to win the game. Kentucky looks awfully good. Their athletes are fast and quick, quarterback has played a bunch and they’re a real solid team. (They’re) a good team.”