Former Clemson coach Tommy Bowden (1999-2008) recently hopped on “The Pulse” podcast in ESPN Charlotte and dropped an interesting nugget about his days coaching the Tigers: they stole South Carolina’s signals.

Bowden was discussing the Louisville-Wake Forest situation, in which Bobby Petrino is accused of stealing game-plan information, and how a team searches for information. He said after a team’s Friday walk through the graduate assistants on staff would go look through the locker room and trash cans to see what players had left behind. Bowden himself said he would sometimes leave behind fake play sheets to mess with other staffs.

When it came to talk about in-game situations, he described having strength coaches watch the opposing sideline from the box and figure out the defense’s signals.

“I remember Charlie Strong at South Carolina, we got when he blitzed and it helps with your call,” Bowden said.

Strong coached at South Carolina from 1999-2002. The Tigers went 3-1 over the Gamecocks during the period Bowden and Strong were both coaching in the Battle of the Palmetto State.

The full podcast with Bowden can be heard here.