Tracy Rocker’s reported departure from South Carolina as defensive line coach will bring a price tag for him — or his future employer — to pay. Much like Mike Bobo and Will Friend, who were reportedly on the contractual hook for a combined $300,000, Rocker will be responsible for $100,000.

That reporting comes from Mike Gillespie of ABC-Columbia, who noted the buyout figure since Rocker left after his contract was approved by the Board of Trustees.

Multiple media outlets have reported that Rocker has left South Carolina and is likely headed to Auburn where Bobo and Friend also left the Gamecocks to coach. Other reports have questioned the timeline and contract language of the agreements between the school and these coaches, and if it depends on their role at Auburn.

The Big Spur, for example, reported that Friend did have clauses in his buyout that he would not have to pay a buyout to the school if he left for a coordinator role with play-calling duties at the college or NFL level, or if he became a head coach. His position at Auburn does not meet the qualifications.