Prior to the 2018 season, Clemson 5-star DL Josh Belk announced he was transferring from the Tigers. He was ruled immediately eligible to play for his new team, South Carolina.

However, after appearing in the Gamecocks’ first two games, he hasn’t played since, battling injuries and conditioning concerns.

When the Gamecocks traveled to Ole Miss and won on Saturday, Belk wasn’t on the travel roster. Interestingly, he then spent his Saturday at the Clemson game:

On Tuesday, coach Will Muschamp said he had addressed the situation with Belk and they were moving on (via The State):

“Josh and I had a conversation,” Muschamp said. “We’re fine. We’re moving on.”

Per The State’s report, South Carolina players not on the travel roster don’t have any set rules for what they’re supposed to be doing on game days:

Players not on the travel roster don’t have any expectations for what they need to be doing on Saturdays. Muschamp noted some go home, but the coaches don’t have any policies on what they should do.

Belk may end up attending one more Clemson game this year, as the Gamecocks travel to face the Tigers in Week 13.