Will Muschamp wants everyone to know that when it comes to offensive schemes, he learned a valuable lesson from his time at Florida.

According to Gridiron Now’s Tony Barnhart, who recently had the chance to sit down with Muschamp in his office, the new South Carolina head coach has reflected upon his failed offensive efforts from his first head coaching tenure:

“I probably made a mistake at Florida trying to change schematically from what they had done before,” Muschamp said. “As a result, we ended up not being very good at anything. These days you just don’t have time to make a lot of changes. You have to adapt to what your kids can do.”

While that’s certainly comforting for South Carolina fans that are worried about the Gamecocks offense being as stagnant as the Gators were at times during the Muschamp era, it’s probably little solace to Florida fans, some of who still blame Muschamp for offensive hiccups they see on the field in present day.

Muschamp is entrusting his Gamecocks offense to coordinator Kurt Roper, who also served as his offensive coordinator during his final season with the Gators in 2014. He was one of three offensive coordinators for the Gators in Muschamp’s four-year tenure.

That season with Roper was Muschamp’s team’s best offensive output, but it was not enough to keep his job.

According to Barnhart, the offense Roper is being asked to run at South Carolina is not a major change from how things looked under Steve Spurrier during the previous 11 seasons.