If you ask Will Muschamp, it may be time to shift SEC schedules back to simpler times.

That’s an idea the South Carolina coach said he addressed with his AD during this offseason but Muschamp isn’t holding his breath in anticipation of the SEC listening to him.

During his Wednesday press conference, the South Carolina coach said he has expressed to his players that fewer of them could be hitting the road this season.

“Well, I told our guys when we started, I said, ‘You know there’s travel limits at 70, it might be at 50 this year. So you better figure it out,'” Muschamp said in regards to potential travel restrictions that may be coming this season. “We’re not going to be traveling orange eaters and steak eaters, so you better understand that part. You got to be contributing and playing if you want to travel.”

Further discussing the potential of unique travel conditions this season for his team, Muschamp offered up the idea of starting all SEC games in the afternoon or later and having teams fly in, play the game, then go home.

In theory, the move would make sense on a number of levels. Cutting down on hotel stays and the time in uncontrolled environments could be key to the SEC having success and keeping players and coaches from contracting the coronavirus.

“I told Coach (Ray) Tanner back in, I guess it was May, I was thinking about traveling as far as those things,” Muschamp continued. “If our league would pump back all the games to 3:30 or later, travel the day of the game, fly in four hours before the game, go into your pregame meal, and go to the ballpark.

“When I was about Valdosta State, worked for Chris Hatcher, we did that we were undefeated. We got fancy and flew to Delta State in the first round of playoffs and got our ass kicked — that next day. We got fancy and we stayed in the hotel the night before the game we thought we were big-time. And we got out there and got waxed. So now they watered down the field and Steve Campbell the head coach South Alabama, before the game. But, we got wax because we got fancy.

“So I told our guys, we might just be traveling just like you did in little league, you got your helmet and your shoulder pads, and we’re gonna fly day of the game, you pick your stuff up and you walk in the ballpark in your cleats and let’s go play. So if that’s what we got to do that’s what we’ll do.”

Muschamp was then asked if he has any input on making those decisions.

He quickly shot that idea down.

“No. Those decisions aren’t going to be made by coaches,” Muschamp added. “They may ask our opinion but they aren’t going to do what we tell them. I’ve learned that in this league.”

Well, either way, it may be the best idea out there. Let’s hope the SEC listens.