If you don’t pay close attention to the behind-the-scenes activity across the country leading up to spring football, you may not be aware that high school and junior college signees have been arriving early on campuses more frequently in recent years.

This isn’t a trend that’s slowing down, in fact, it’s ramping up across the nation. That’s no different in Columbia where 10 players have already enrolled early in time to compete for South Carolina’s upcoming spring practice.

Here is a list of scholarship players that have enrolled early on campus in Columbia: running back MarShawn Lloyd, quarterback Luke Doty, linebacker Mohamed Kaba, receiver Mike Wyman, offensive linemen Tyshawn Wannamaker, Trai Jones, Jazston Turnetine and Vershon Lee, and defensive backs Dominick Hill and O’Donnell Fortune.

When asked how arriving early would help a player like MarShawn Lloyd, who is expected to compete for the starting running back position this offseason in Columbia, Muschamp opened up on the fact that all players that arrive early benefit from being on campus in the spring and going through their first camp as Gamecocks.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a situation where it was a negative experience. I think it’s all positive,” Muschamp shared when asked about enrolling early. “No. 1, academically. You get a lot under your belt and you do so much better in the fall academically because you are learning right now how to balance all the stuff you got going, you are not getting ready for a game.

“And generally, you are getting orientated to the weight room much better, not that you don’t in June, you do get orientated to the weight room better. We’ll practice and then we’ll go through the mistakes, then we will walk through it and then we are also going to lift so you are continuing to get stronger then you practice another day.”

In addition to all there is to gain from a campus lifestyle standpoint and learning the academics of college, Muschamp points out that arriving on campus for spring really pays off for football players, whether they realize it or not, come the fall once training camp begins.

“The installation process in fall camp is like drinking water out of a firehose as opposed to now, it’s just dribbling water and you’re able to really immerse yourself in what we are doing and how we are doing it,” Muschamp continued. “We have a day to correct it, you have plenty of time to come and get with your position coach say, ‘Hey, can you go over this again? I’m not really sure about these things.’

“I just think from that standpoint, it’s just a much easier transition in the fall because of what you go into in the spring.”

Based on what Muschamp had to say on the subject, if you are looking for a list of immediate impact players next fall, look no further than the 10 players listed above.