If you haven’t heard, LSU starting quarterback Myles Brennan may not play this weekend against South Carolina.

Brennan suffered a “significant injury do his lower body” during the Missouri game two weeks ago according to Ed Orgeron that may result in the QB missing this weekend’s game.

“He was not going to play last week. We were expecting him back early during the week. I just talked to (LSU’s team trainer), he’s questionable,” Orgeron said of Brennan on Monday. “It’s taking a little bit more time for him to heal. He’s going to be questionable for the game.”

If Brennan can’t play, LSU will be forced to play one of two — or potential both — true freshmen signal-callers, TJ Finley or Max Johnson.

So how does that affect the defensive gameplan for the Gamecocks this week and what could each player potentially bring to the game on Saturday?

Will Muschamp was asked that question on Tuesday during his first press conference of the week.

“Well, I think there’s a lot of similarities between them,” Muschamp said. “All of them are big guys, both Finley and Max Johnson are guys we are familiar with. We’ve watched all of their high school tape. We are very familiar with both guys. They are extremely talented, both guys can really spin it.

“They both have athleticism to extend plays and create things in the run game, which they somewhat do with Brennan – as best they can. So again, they have been very successful in what they do. They’ll identify the things that are really good for those guys and what they feel comfortable with and then you’ve got to adjust in the game to what they’re doing.”

The truth of the matter, according to the South Carolina coach, the Gamecocks are just going to have to wait and find out and adjust accordingly once the game kicks off on Saturday from Baton Rouge.

“Those are all things that we’ll factor into our gameplan, whether who’s at the quarterback position and we’ll make the decision from there as far as what we need to take into the game to be successful – whether it’s Myles Brennan at quarterback or one of the freshmen or both,” Muschamp concluded. “We’ll make those adjustments on game day.”