Thanks to Will Muschamp, we have more details to share about the SEC coaches’ text thread between former Nick Saban assistants.

If you missed it, Lane Kiffin may have shared a little too much information during his recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” as the Ole Miss coach shared that he is in a text thread with Muschamp, Kirby Smart and Jeremy Pruitt.

While details on the text thread have been tough to come by, South Carolina’s coach was asked to share details of the text thread during his Tuesday afternoon press conference.

The exchange Muschamp had with the reporter asking if he saw Kiffin’s segment on Finebaum’s show may have been just as entertaining as the response.

“I don’t know how much Finebaum you watch…,” the reporter asked Muschamp.

Muschamp quickly cut off the question:

“Zero. Offseason, summer, fall, you name it. None. What did our good friend say about South Carolina and me?”

Muschamp was then asked about the text thread and how did that start?

“I think it all started when this pandemic started, (we discuss) different things you are going through,” Muschamp shared. “Protocols, how are y’all handling this, how are y’all handing that? And passed that, I’ll leave it at that. Probably best to leave it at that.”

Here is a video clip of Kiffin initially sharing details of the text thread: