Will Muschamp believes in the plan in place in Columbia.

That’s the message the South Carolina coach expressed during his recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” when asked by Finebaum how the program plans on welcoming back the Gamecocks to campus.

If you missed it, the SEC has voted to allow student-athletes back into facilities starting Monday, June 8. While that may be the date for a return to activities, the SEC is allowing players back on campus before that date to receive testing for coronavirus, as well as routine physicals following their time away from campus.

“What we have got set up, on June 1 we will be testing our team for COVID-19, and we will be doing the antibodies test, as well,” Muschamp said on the show. “It normally takes 48-72 hours to get those tests back. Once we get those tests back, and they are negative, we’ll have to do physicals for all our players again, we’ve been laid off for so long. Normally it takes about 24 hours to 48 hours to get some things back on blood work, EKGs, different things. We take them through a thorough physical and then on Monday, June 8, we’ll start back working out.”

When it comes to the actual workouts the Gamecocks will be going through starting June 8, South Carolina is being very cautious about how it handles the sessions.

“Our guys will work out in clusters of four, it’s not done by a position, it’s not done by side of the ball, it’s done by who they live with and who they are going to be around,” Muschamp continued. “Those clusters of four will enter the building together, we’ll take their temperature, ask them if they’ve felt any symptoms change from breathing issues — or anything like that.

“We’ll take them straight to the weight room and they’ll get their workout in and they’ll be able to run. Like I said earlier, we are very fortunate to have a 20,000-square foot weight room in the state of South Carolina. They want five people for every 1,000 square feet. So, we’re going to be able to get 20-25-28 guys in there at a time and we’re going to have 4-5 different groups throughout the day.”

Muschamp even noted that South Carolina’s facility will have doors assigned for entry and doors assigned for an exit, and will not allow those to be mixed-use.

While some of these steps may seem extreme, you have to credit the Gamecocks for doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their student-athletes.