South Carolina coach Will Muschamp was in Charleston last week for the final stop in his “Spurs Up” tour, where he took the opportunity to hand Auburn a light-hearted jab before heading out.

Muschamp, who served as Auburn’s defensive coordinator from 2006-07 and then once more during the 2015 season, had this to say about his former employer while praising the Gamecocks’ recruiting prowess:

“I think a huge strength of ours is the city of Columbia,” Muschamp told a crowd of USC fans, according to “The diversity, the culture that we have, there actually is a town where our college is. You ever been to Auburn? There’s so much to sell in (Columbia). Just kidding about Auburn.”

Earlier this year, Muschamp also hinted that all it takes to earn a degree from Auburn is the ability to “put the tractor in reverse.” However, during this week’s SEC spring meetings, he did mention that he wants the Tigers “to win and be successful,” adding that he hopes the defensive line “can make a difference” in 2016.

All in good fun.