One of the more prominent players to come out of Oklahoma in recent years is Baker Mayfield, and the quarterback also happens to be the most vocal and transparent with his thoughts on various issues.

So of course he would weigh in on the biggest story in college athletics in a long time as Mayfield and the Browns are cranking up training camp. But Mayfield is also aware of the success the Sooners had in the Big 12 in recent years.

“That’s a trick question. Hardest one of the day,” Mayfield said when asked about Oklahoma’s move to the SEC. “It’s different. I will say that. It’s gonna help our university for sure. I think that, not that you get bored with success, but I think it’s a new challenge and something that’s going to continue to prove. I think the college game was already changing when it came down to the NIL stuff and what not, and expanding the playoffs. So I think it’s the correct move. We’ll see what happens the next couple of years, but I think it’s the correct move for the university overall.”