Brent Key and Georgia Tech shook off the turmoil around the program in the last week after head coach Geoff Collins was fired, and the Yellow Jackets won on the road at Pitt, 26-21.

After the game, Key was emotional.

“I can’t even say, I really can’t say,” Key said. “Knowing these guys have had it in them all along and we just had to get everybody on the same page and they did. Can’t say a lot right now. I can’t say a lot right now. Other than how proud I am of them and the coaches who went through a lot this week and were able to rally these guys together.”

Key said the Georgia Tech coaches kept the players working on one mission, one day at a time, one play at a time and one practice at a time.

“I’m just so happy for these kids, they’ve been through a lot these last few years,” he said. “Happy for the kids, happy for the coaches, happy for the alumni base.”

Key said Georgia Tech still has work to do, such as putting the game away earlier.