In the second College Football Playoff rankings of the 2021 season, there was notable movement among the top 7, but Oklahoma remained No. 8 even with a 9-0.

After the Tuesday night rankings reveal, CFP chair Gary Barta answered questions on a media conference call. Barta was asked why Oklahoma remained at No. 8 behind multiple one-loss teams.

Here’s how the exchange with Barta went:

Q. Oklahoma is lower than the typical unbeaten team this late in the season, and the reasons are apparent, but I was curious whether it’s just the lack of strength of schedule, the repeated close games, or the solitary game against Kansas when they were clearly just — something was up; which of those three do you think is the most detrimental to Oklahoma’s cause at this point?

GARY BARTA: I don’t know that I’d pick one. To point out one thing you said, it wasn’t just the game against KU. If you look at it, they are 9-0 and that’s why they’re ranked eighth in the country and not somewhere else. But they don’t have any signature wins. Their best wins are against Kansas and Texas Tech.

I mentioned last week, the committee noted as probably anybody who’s been watching Oklahoma that the quarterback change to Caleb Williams has changed that team, and so they were off this past week, but just looking to see if that continues, because I do think that made a difference. The committee thinks that made a difference.

But there just hasn’t been a signature win yet. If you compare them to Michigan State, for example, Michigan State beat Michigan. If you look at Notre Dame, they’ve beaten Wisconsin, they’ve beaten Purdue, so they’re sandwiched in between there. But there’s a lot of football to be played. Oklahoma is 9-0, and we’ll see starting this weekend.

Oklahoma will look to boost its CFP resume by getting a win over No. 13 Baylor on Saturday.