A cheerleader is suing Northwestern for what she says happened at university-sanctioned events.

Elyssa Cherney of the Chicago Tribune reported on Hayden Richardson’s 58-page complaint. Richardson describes multiple instances of being groped by fans during 2018 and ’19. Cheerleaders were reportedly asked to “mingle” with donors to the program.

From Cherney’s report:

Richardson alleges that older men touched her breasts and buttocks over her uniform, picked her up without her consent and made “sexually charged comments” about her appearance, according to the lawsuit.

Richardson recalled instances when the men offered her alcohol, though she was underage, or asked to meet up later, the lawsuit says.

Richardson’s suit also alleges that cheerleaders were encouraged to split up at fan events.

“At every home game, the cheerleaders were instructed to walk around the tailgating lots, unsupervised, in their skimpy cheerleading uniforms,” the lawsuit says. “They were expressly told to split up and mingle with extremely intoxicated fans alone and were not provided any security.”

Per the Tribune report, male fans inappropriately touched her while taking photos, offered her alcoholic shots and made sexualized remarks such as, “you and I will have fun together tonight,” the lawsuit states.

The Tribune article states Northwestern issued a statement, saying “it is committed to fostering an environment in which all members of our community are safe, secure and free from discrimination or harassment of any form.” A spokesman also told the publication that “reports of discrimination or harassment are confidential in order to protect the individuals involved” which means the school “cannot confirm the details that have been made public regarding any allegation or investigation.”

More details of the suit and Richardson’s allegations can be read here.