Dan Lanning has moved on from Georgia officially and is ready to get started at Oregon. One of his first tasks is to get the quarterback position and that starts with Auburn transfer Bo Nix.

But competition is not just at quarterback, Lanning wants it across the board.

“Competition breeds excellence. We’re going to have competition at every position across the board, quarterback included,” Lanning said.

At quarterback along with Nix, Oregon has 4 scholarship quarterbacks entering 2022, with Ty Thompson, Jay Butterfield and Robby Ashford all freshmen.

“What I think I know about Bo is that he’s the ultimate competitor,” Lanning said. “I know how hard he worked. Obviously, Coach Dillingham had personal experience getting to coach Bo in the past. We were really clear with Bo, when you come here, there’s certainly an opportunity to compete, but we’re really excited about the guy we have on our roster as well. Excited to see the guys come in and compete and work. That, for me is exciting. What am I looking for (at quarterback)? Leadership. Work ethic. You don’t get to just be the quarterback on the field. That has to leave the field, it has to be exuded in the classroom, on campus, the way you operate day in and day out, and I think we’ve got a group of guys that do that.”