Coach Prime’s moment in the sun will have to wait an extra week.

According to 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello, plans for a Week 0 matchup between Colorado and Arizona State to open the 2023 season have been nixed. Officials reportedly stepped in and halted progress after Sanders prematurely leaked the news to ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit on College GameDay earlier this week.

Herbstreit mentioned during ESPN’s national championship of Georiga and TCU that the game was expected to be played.

“(Sanders) was on GameDay with us and he actually gave us some news … breaking news, from Prime,” Herbstreit said. “They’re actually not going to be opening up with (TCU). Colorado’s going to open up with Arizona State in their first game, and then they’re going to play TCU in their second game. Looks like they’re sneaking around there a little bit, but that was just told to me from Coach Prime tonight.”

The Buffaloes have been slated to face TCU in Week 1 following last season-opener in Boulder. Meanwhile, the Sun Devils, led by 1st-year head coach Kenny Dillingham, are slated to face off against Southern Utah on Aug. 31.

The Pac-12 is expected to release its conference schedule for the 2023 football season later this week. Currently, Pac-12 schools are slated to face 9 programs in the conference in 2023.