Deion Sanders, best known as “Coach Prime,” is not exactly the shy type and has no issue with being bluntly honest about a number of topics. One of those is his children, which he publicly ranks on a regular basis.

Speaking of those, they are being updated after the Buffaloes recorded a 43-35 win over in-state rival Colorado State Rams in double-overtime on Saturday night in Boulder, Colorado.

Two of Sanders’ children, quarterback Shedeur Sanders and safety Shilo Sanders, play under him. Both had standout performances against the Rams, but Shilo’s star seems to be shining a bit brighter as Prime recently indicated that the defender was moving on up after he forced a pair of turnovers that helped to make all the difference in a close contest.

“He is moving on up like the Jeffersons,” Sanders said. “But Shedeur (Sanders) is straight out balling, too.”

Sanders went on to praise the rest of his children throughout his meeting with the media, so it’s safe to say the rankings are going to be closely contested moving forward as everyone seems to be on some type of upswing.

“My kids rankings are tough. It’s a serious run right now. It really is,” Sanders said after Saturday’s game. “I’m the only one that’s honest about ranking my kids. You guys act like you love all of them the same and you don’t. I don’t know why y’all act like that.”

Colorado will continue its season with a matchup against No. 10-ranked Oregon at 2:30 p.m. CT on Saturday.