Northwestern has become the second school to issue reservations regarding the upcoming return of the EA Sports College Football video game series.

Following Notre Dame’s lead, Northwestern does not plan on participating in the game’s return according to Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times. The same issue that has Notre Dame expressing reservations has affected Northwestern, the upcoming Name, Image and Likeness issue.

While most assume Name, Image and Likeness laws will soon pass, allowing college athletes to legally receive sponsorship deals, it’s unclear what exactly those laws will look like when they do come into existence.

These decisions by Notre Dame and Northwestern could simply be a precaution against future lawsuits, but until they have a full understanding of the laws, it appears neither school plans on being in the upcoming EA Sports video game — at least, for now.

EA Sports currently has a deal in place with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), which Northwestern is a partner of, but 12 FBS programs are not. Notre Dame is not a member of the CLC.

Here is what Greenberg had to share regarding Northwestern’s issues with the upcoming release of the EA Sports College Football video game.