A Florida high school football coach was found Friday night after going missing late Tuesday, leaving family and friends baffled by the incident.

According to Charles Rabin and Devoun Cetoute of the Miami Herald, Coral Gables football coach Roger Pollard went missing Tuesday after midnight and was found Friday night two hours up the road in Fort Pierce.

The Herald report says details are scarce regarding what happened, with Miami-Dade County police only saying that Pollard was found unharmed and the investigation led them to the Fort Pierce area.

The home security system at Pollard’s house went dark for over five hours, establishing a timeline of his departure from the family home as sometime between 11:55 p.m. Tuesday and 5:12 a.m. Wednesday. Pollard’s wife, Shay Moen, and their children were at her mother’s home Tuesday night. Moen, who was assisting her mother after recent surgery, says she first learned something was up when an assistant coach called her at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday saying Pollard had not shown up to work.

Family, friends and law enforcement are puzzled by the sequence of events:

He apparently had no history of mental illness or any known enemies. His employer said he’s beloved and an “all-around great guy.” And police — who seemed as perplexed as everyone else — had called his vanishing a “possible disappearance” and said there was no indication Pollard was in any trouble.

“It’s a big mystery,” said Miami-Dade Police spokesman Angel Rodriguez.

Pollard played linebacker at NC State and first got into coaching as a graduate assistant at Middle Tennessee State. He has worked at his high school alma mater, Gables High, for 12 years. He was named head coach in 2013. Pollard stepped away in 2017 to join his former teammate and NFL standout, Jonathan Vilma, in a business venture before returning to Gables High as the program’s head coach in 2018.