George Kliavkoff and the University of California Board of Regents continue to discuss UCLA’s move to the Big Ten, and the Pac-12 commissioner in a letter this week described the significant concerns as being about financial and mental health.

Kliavkoff, while he didn’t cite how the figures came to be, explained that UCLA will incur a 100% increase in its team travel costs if it flies commercial in the Big Ten ($8.1 million increase per year), a 160% increase if it charters half the time ($13.1 million per year), and a 290% increase if it charters every flight ($23 million increase per year).

“Despite all the explanations made after the fact, UCLA’s decision to join the Big Ten was clearly financially motivated after the UCLA athletic department managed to accumulate more than $100 million in debt over the past three fiscal years,” Kliavkoff wrote, per ESPN. “UCLA currently spends approximately $8.1 million per year on travel for its teams to compete in the Pac-12 conference,” Kliavkoff said.

Kliavkoff also referred to media research by National Institutes of Health and said the would have a negative impact on student-athletes’ mental health and take away from their academic pursuits. He added that it would also be a burden for family and alumni to face cross-country trips to see UCLA’s teams play.