The latest edition of the CFP rankings were released earlier this week and among the most controversial topics was the ranking of TCU.

TCU is in the midst of a remarkable turnaround from last season, but while there is some hype surrounding the Horned Frogs, there are also some who are convinced this is a team that is going to get boatraced in the College Football Playoff.

College football analyst Greg McElroy is among those who are pounding the table for the No. 4-ranked team that still has a but of an underdog vibe to it despite making a strong case for itself. McElroy sees the team that is “finally there” controlling its own destiny and says the committee has shown “respect for the little guy.”

In fact, it’s a team he’s pounding the table for.

TCU and potential Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Max Duggan will look to finish out their season undefeated with a final slate that includes Texas, Baylor and Iowa State.