Gus Malzahn doesn’t immediately come across as the most social media savvy coach in college football. But the former Auburn and now UCF coach is embracing social media in a way where the Knights even printed players’ Twitter handles on their jerseys.

The Knights held their spring game on Saturday.

“This is the new age of personal branding,” Malzahn told reporters. “We’re going to embrace it within the NCAA rules. That’s who we are and that’s who we’re going to be. You look at 322,000 living alumni and the average age is 36, 72,000 (students) and they’re all on Twitter. Some of these big schools, the average age of their alumni is 65 and they’re all on Facebook. We’ve got a big advantage there, OK. My mom’s on Facebook, you know, she checked it last night, matter of fact.”

Malzahn has not backed down from wanting to upgrade the schedule. On Friday, he spoke with ESPN about playing Florida, Florida State and Miami.

“I know we definitely want to play Florida in the future, and I expect Dan (Mullen) probably wants to play us, too,” Malzahn told ESPN. “Before I leave out of here, I want to play them all.”