Gus Malzahn has had an interesting week at UCF. After the Knights victory over the Tulane Greenwave on Saturday, Malzahn told reporters that he had a broken tibia and will be on crutches the next month and a half.

Malzahn said he was “embarrassed” by the injury, however, he will be in a unique situation Saturday as he tries to coach from the sideline when his team faces SMU.

Malzahn explains how he will handle being on the sideline on “Open Mike” on 96.9 in Orlando.

“I’m going to be on a little bit of a platform on the sideline, little adjustment but I think we’ll be fine,” he said.

Malzahn says he likes to be active on the sideline, so this definitely will be something he has never dealt with before.

“It’ll be a little different for me, but we’ll see how it works,” he said.

Central Florida will face SMU Saturday at 12 pm ET.