We’ve all had bad days doing our jobs or playing for our sports teams. It happens. You take your lumps and move on.

That’s what an Iowa cheerleader will try to do after an embarrassing moment celebrating in the Hawkeyes’ end zone on Saturday afternoon.

As you can see below, the cheerleader was doing backflips in the end zone when his pants refused to cooperate. Fortunately, no one was flashed during the embarrassing (but objectively hilarious) incident:

The fact that he was still able to land his flip with his pants down and pull them up without breaking stride is frankly kind of impressive. We’ll certainly give him a 10/10 for effort.

The good news is that the Hawkeyes have things to celebrate on Saturday. They held a 24-10 lead over Western Michigan late in the third quarter of Saturday’s game. Perhaps OC Brian Ferentz will get back on track for his contract incentive of 25 points per game. Only time will tell!