Iowa does not have a good offense. That much is well known across college football circles this year.

Iowa does have an incredibly good defense. That combination has led to Hawkeye games facing some historically low over/under points totals in 2023. The Iowa-Nebraska game a last week had an over/under of 27.5 measly points (and fell to 24.5 before kickoff), which was a record low. I don’t need to say it, but I will anyway — the under hit, as only 23 points were scored.

This weekend, when the Hawkeyes face undefeated Michigan for the Big Ten title, the line isn’t quite so low, thanks to Michigan’s dominance. It’s currently at over/under 33.5 points on Tuesday afternoon.

But it seems Michigan is expected to score basically all of those points. Iowa’s betting lines (via DraftKings Sportsbook) are hilarious.

For example, you can get +160 odds on the Hawkeyes to score more than a touchdown (or 3 field goals (or 4 safeties)):

If you think Iowa will find the end zone at all on Saturday night, you’ll get +105 odds. Let’s just say that’s not a common occurrence for games of this magnitude.

Even crazier? Iowa’s over/under for each half is set at 0.5 points:

Michigan’s first-half over/under is 12.5 and its second-half over/under is 16.5 points, for reference.

If you think Iowa will have any offense at all on Saturday night, there’s money to be made. But, of course, putting money on Iowa’s offense at any point this season has not been a smart thing to do.

We’ll see if Kirk Ferentz’s offensive staff can scheme up a touchdown against a Michigan defense that is one of the best in the country.