Kansas leaving the Big 12? KU to new conference reportedly picking up steam

It’s looking more like Kansas could be the next program to leave the Big 12.

Mike Vernon appeared on 610 AM in Kansas City

to discuss conference realignment, particularly how it relates to Kansas. Vernon shared, that from what he is hearing, KU moving to the Big Ten is starting to look more likely compared to as recently as 24 hours ago.

Kansas has been linked to the Big Ten since Texas and Oklahoma reached out to the SEC. It was Vernon who reported on July 23 that Kansas “set up a conference call with the Big Ten.”

Just over a week later, the official Kansas Athletics Twitter account shared a widely-mocked graphic

that appeared to be advertising KU to potentially interested conferences.

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  • Wasn't it only yesterday that all the "experts" predicted "no movement from the major conferences any time soon".


  • Maryland, Rutgers, and now possibly Kansas. None of those teams do anything for the competitiveness of the conference. What a mess the little 10 is

    • Yea maybe they need another team practice dummy for OSU, bring on the beaks.. then again kcsports radio is about as reliable as a dollar store string of christmas lites.

        • the BIG didn't "spurn" Mizzou, we didn't accept their "junior membership" when we got a better offer from the SEC.

        • I was in COMO for the first SEC game vs UGA. I have never before or since been treated so well on another SEC campus. I remain very happy to have Mizzou in the conference.

      • The Missouri Tigers….always mightily pounding your chests when you’ve never really achieved ANYTHING in the two biggest sports of college athletics, football and basketball. In case you don’t know, MISSOURI NEVER EVER HAS BEEN TO THE NCAA FINAL FOUR. Zero times. That’s why Mizzou fans chant S E C at their games because they have nothing to be proud of themselves. Great pick up SEC. Kansas owns the Kansas City, Missouri TV sports market, not Missouri.

        • Where are the Beakers now? Just learned from Paul Finebaum that Kentucky, North Carolina, and Duke are the basketball bluebloods, not Kansas. On a related matter, enjoyed KU's performance against Tennessee last season.

        • ku is and always will be 2nd rate to Mizzou. Your school and especially your football program is a national disgrace. When your basketball team gets the ncaa penalties you chicken hawks won't even have that. As far as KC goes we get way more recruits from there than your garbage program does.

        • Mike5675, lol. In 2009, in ESPN’s The College Basketball Encyclopedia, ESPN ranked Kansas the 3rd greatest program of all-time. ESPN said, “Kansas IS college basketball.” Kansas has 3 NCAA National Championships, 2 pre-NCAA National Championships, was the Final #1 Ranked Team in COVID 2020 season, 9 National Championship Game Appearances, 15 FINAL FOURS (1 behind Duke), 34 Consecutive NCAA Tournament Appearances (NCAA record), and 2nd Winningest Program of All-Time. Heard of Phog Allen? As founder of the NABC, Phog Allen’s NABC CREATED THE NCAA TOURNAMENT. Kansas is James Naismith’s program. In 2011, The Atlantic magazine said, “No program or franchise in either pro or college sports has had as much impact on a sport as Kansas has had on the sport of basketball. Not even the Yankees impact on baseball has been as big as Kansas’s impact on basketball.” Not blue blood? Btw, Dean Smith and Adolph Rupp played for Phog Allen at Kansas.

        • Basketball sucks a$$ compared to football. Also, it's pretty clear ku cheated to get players, which we'll all find out soon. Go slither back to Lawrence.

        • The Adidas rep who testified UNDER OATH in Federal Court said neither the university NOR ANY KANSAS COACHES KNEW anything about the two players whose guardians received some money from Adidas. One of the players never even played in a game for Kansas because once Self became aware of a possible issue, Self would not let him play in a game. IT IS NOW KNOWN THAT ZION WILLIAMSON’S PARENTS RECEIVED A LOT OF MONEY TO PLAY FOR DUKE. WHERE IS THAT INVESTIGATION?

          Essentially the whole case against Kansas centers on whether or not a shoe company can be a “booster” to the program in regard to a shoe company trying to encourage players to play for a certain school. That’s it. We all know, of course, that Adidas tries to funnel players to Kansas, to Michigan, to UCLA, and to Louisville, JUST AS NIKE tries to funnel players to Duke and other Nike schools. This is how CBB has worked for a long time. Kansas has done nothing differently. So where are the investigations of the Nike schools?

        • KUbbaby08, Missouri has successful history in both football and basketball. Before there was a consolidated national championship, they won a piece of the title in 1960. They went 11-0 thanks to your school having to forfeit their game to The Tigers when they used an ineligible player due to illegal recruiting of their top star.

          Missouri is responsible for an entirely different style of football. Don Faurot's Split-T offense invention took football out of the single wing/straight T formation power game and brought speed and finesse to college football. That offense is the forebearer of the Wishbone, Veer, and even today's spread option offense.

          Missouri has never made the Final Four in basketball, but the Tigers have been ranked #1 more than once, so they are no slouch.

          In this century, football is 95% of college sports importance. Your great basketball program in Lawrence isn't able to command the respect that Oklahoma's football program can command.

          Kansas had a decent football program in the days of Gayle Sayers, John Hadl, Bobby Douglass, and John Riggins, but Pepper Rodgers has been gone for 50 years. You have a great new coach, but he's going to have to buck recent history to win, and now his recruiting acumen is going to be tasked to the max.

      • Exactly! Kansas City Sports Radio is 99.9% Chiefs/Royals "ad nauseam." During the season, they may interview Gabe DeArmond from Powermizzou.com for 3 minutes on fridays before the game and Gary Barnett regarding college football in general; Barnett is not a "Danny Sheridan."

        • Not that Gabe isn't one of the better MU beat guys, he really is, but they probably interview him as much out of respect for his dad, Mike who worked for the KCStar for 4 decades. (also a MU J-school grad like Gabe)

        • That's typical for all markets where there are pro teams. Nashville has four different sports talk show stations, and all four concentrate on the Titans and Predators a majority of the time, even in their off-seasons. We do have Bill King, who is on as I type this, and he's all college football all the time, except when he is talking about the stock market or how bad the current ruling party politicians happen to be.

          We have a street Indy Car race taking place this weekend with all the top drivers coming to race on the downtown streets and which will cross the Cumblerand River on our biggest bridge. It is a first for Indy Car drivers, and being Nashville, so many of the families of the drivers and crews are coming here for the colossal event. So, I expect that to get a lot of air play today.

          At the same time, Vanderbilt starts football practice today. I only know this because one of my friends called me and asked me if I know if the practice is open to the public, which I have no idea if it it or isn't. At the same time, the radio stations other than Bill King are only talking about Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill, whether the Titans' opening day placekicker is on the roster, the signing of Matt Barkley, and what's going on in Indianapolis with their QB situation.

          As for Gary Barnett, he played for Dan Devine at Mizzou, so he should have an interest in what's going on in CoMo. I knew him briefly when he was at Northwestern. He was compared with Phil Jackson at the time, into yoga, a vegetarian, a reader of philosophical books, and a magician for making NU the Big Ten champions.

          I have it on good authority that he was all but signed to come to Vanderbilt to replace Woody Widenhofer when Colorado upset #1 Nebraska 62-36 and won the Northern Division of the Big 12. CU upped his salary by a number Vanderbilt could not match, so Vandy chose Bobby Johnson who had one winning season in close to a decade.

          As for Danny Sheridan, he is also not a Danny Sheridan. For the real thing, you need Dave Cokin. Or, if you really want some entertainment, try Kelly Stewart. She's a friend of one of my friends and uses his power ratings.

    • You’re only focusing on football. Which most SEC fans do. The top basketball conference just got richer. Iowa State and Kansas State should join too mainly for the football sake.

      • Yes, but now the Big Ten will have to split revenue 15 ways instead of 14. Kansas doesn’t move the needle at all when it comes to revenue. Even if their Bball team is one of the best.

      • Football is all that matters. The other sports are gravy, while football is the meat. If some gravy spills, it's no big deal.

        If the Big Ten wants to rival the SEC, they need Clemson and Notre Dame or a merger with the Pac-12. What needs to be done to break the Notre Dame must join the ACC if they join a conference part of the contract?

      • Good for them. BB, as popular as March Madness is, accounts for a fraction of conference revenue compared to football, in any conference. But now Nebraska has someone at their level of football. Iowa State is usually a Top 25 in football. Where are they in the Big 10 expansion.

        • You might be confusing Iowa with Iowa State. Iowa State had a very good year last year and some good recent years. For the past 340 AP top 25 polls, they've been ranked 37 times with an average ranking of 19 of all the times being ranked. Last year was their best season in their history as far as being ranked where they reached #8.

    • Outside of Ohio St how many "good" teams does the big actually have? Wisconsin, Penn St, maybe Minnesota, and Iowa. Don't say Michigan they haven't been good for 30 years.

    • The BIG already has the biggest tv contract they’re doing fine from a revenue standpoint when it comes to football. Maryland and Kansas do bring value in other sports

      • They have the biggest TV contract only because they renewed recently. Even without Texas and Okie, the expectation was that the SEC would renew TV rights with the largest contract ever.

    • "Little 10"..."League Filler 8"...It's going to take some time to adjust to the changes.

    • The Big 10 sees itself as a major basketball conference. In that sense, Maryland and Kansas are good gets, and Kansas is a major get. Kansas is also an AAU school. If they're not in the Big 12, they fit well in the Big 10 profile.

      Football, clearly not so much.

    • Maryland and KU bring basketball props baby. Didn't you hear? They are a basketball conference now.

    • Under their rules last year, Ohio State wasn't even supposed to make the B1G championship game. They need to find some new teams so that they don't have to bend the rules for them again.

    • Kansas brings in a blue blood program basketball program that had won a national title in recent in recent years.

  • Of course. It isn't like the BIG10 is going to invite someone that can actually win a football game, so who else were they going to invite.

      • Their best bet for football. Nebraska is thinking they caught a break with Kansas..a wash if Iowa State gets in.

      • No because they might actually be able to win a football game. Why they might actually threaten OSU. So they are out of the running.

    • Well, SEC just invited someone that Kansas tends to beat lately... so there is that...

      • What does that mean. Basketball maybe? In football, Kansas has won one game against Texas this century when Charlie Strong was HC, the Chad Morris of the Big 12. They haven't beaten Oklahoma even once this century. Record total is 1-28 this century against both. The lone win was in overtime against Texas and the first since 1938.

        • Was being facetious in case that wasn't apparent. This was more a dig at Texas than support of Kansas getting an invite. Even after Herman came on board Texas struggled to beat a Kansas team that was consistently at the bottom of the conference.

        • OU has beat a lot of teams. KU has almost the exact record against OU as Missouri that has never been to a final four. But, Missouri is SEC material I guess. Or was the SEC just slowly taking down the Big 12.

  • KU is a solid pickup for basketball. If they pick up Iowa State as well that would leave 6. Plus the reports of Bowlsby meeting with the PAC 12 the wheels are in motion to get the Sooners playing in the SEC faster without having to give up media rights till 2025.

  • I'll believe it when I see it. The B1G is in a good place without adding another team.

    The B1G has some of the biggest brands in college sports and its deal with Fox set to renew in 2023.

    Id be more worried about other conferences stopping the expansion plan now that everything has come to light with sankey working both sides of the deal. If the expansion gets stalled or cut to 8 teams the SEC will continue to cannabalize itself as now teams like uga not only have to work about bama, but now Oklahoma as well.

    I could care less on my end, Ohio State will continue to run the B1G and get its ticket punched to the CFP.

    • Cannibalize? What? In the last 15 years the SEC has won 11 National Championships.

      The only four teams other than Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and LSU to win it all have been Clemson twice and Ohio State and FSU each once.

      And a few of those times (Alabama has won against Georgia and LSU) we've matched up against each other for the championship.

      • Yes, cannabalize. You have 4 teams that have won it all but realistically, one team that is consistently in it (Bama).
        Im not saying that the SEC isn't the best conference, because it definitely is, no doubt. However, adding more teams, in particular Oklahoma means that the road to the playoff for anybody not named Alabama just got that much harder if the playoff stays at 4.

        Lets face facts, an undefeated or 1 loss ohio state conference champion is in. Same for clemson. Probably notre dame or pac 10 champion. Round that out with the SEC champ.
        If that playoff expansion stalls then everybody not named bama is gonna be watching the playoff from home. Just saying.

    • Big 10 was going to be in good shape even if they did nothing, just like the SEC was in good shape with or with out Texas/OU. If the Big 12 implodes, Kansas is a good get for them.

      You wonder if they'll try to fill that last seat--15 is an awkward number. Iowa State seems intuitive, but I'm not really sure they'd want to double down in Iowa. If not, the next best target from the Big 12 schools is Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State makes sense athletically, but maybe not as much academically.

      • I think part of the problem there is that realistically, none of the remaining Big 12 teams do much to move the needle money-wise. With the new contract coming in 2023, I don't know how much more FOX (or ESPN) would be willing to pay for any of those leftovers moving to the B1G.
        If you're going to make a move, grab some teams from the ACC or merge to make a mega conference, but we know current B1G leadership aren't that forward thinking...

        • Someone will take OK State, and K state. They may not bring in a ton of money but they are decent football teams. OK state has a 63% win rate over that last 10-15 years.

  • Missouri wanted and sought admission to the Big 10 and were rebuffed. If Kansas' admission to the Big 10 comes to fruition...that's just too funny.

  • Both the Big 10 and the SEC have a problem they need to work out that won't get fixed by adding teams, in fact it will get worse.

  • Good news for Texas and Oklahoma. If the others accept invites, there is no conference to buy their way out of and they play SEC sooner than everyone was thinking. If Iowa State gets a Big Ten invite and couple others to PAC, doubtful, Bowlsby is out of work.

  • This isn't going to happen and I don't care how good Kansas is in basketball. Football pays the bills and bring in a school that is just going to drain the other teams revenue is nuts. People are mentioning Rutgers and Maryland but I think that was more to get a footprint into those areas. If this were to actually happen the fans should take a pitchfork and run whoever the commissioner out of the region. And take Kansas with him.

    • I agree about the football part.

      However, Kansas would extend B1G TV footprint into Kansas and at least part of Mizzou. It could make the B1G TV deal a bit sweeter.

      Now the real question is who would B1G add as a pair to go to 16. It won't be ND. If they are smart they will go after a TX team like Baylor or TCU. If not maybe TxTech or OK ST. That would really help B1G in Revenue to get TX team. Baylor and Kansas would make B1G perhaps the best BBal Conference...certainly on par with SEC.

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