The Big 12 Conference may be starting to unravel.

With Texas and Oklahoma exiting the conference — and likely heading to the SEC, where does the Big 12 turn? Although it could look to add non-Power 5 teams, it could also be no more. In the latter case, remaining Big 12 teams would look to join other conferences, and it appears the first one to set up a call with another conference is Kansas.

According to reporter Mike Vernon, Kansas has set up a conference call with the Big Ten.

Yes, Kansas is horrible in football right now, but its basketball program is a power, and that could be attractive for the Big Ten. The Big Ten is basically in the same position the SEC was in in 2010 — it can afford to wait and see what happens. Unless the Big Ten wants Texas or Oklahoma — which it may, it has the time to sit back and react as necessary. If it desired the Longhorns or Sooners, it would have to act fast.

Assuming Texas and Oklahoma land in the SEC, the conference would become the first 16-team Super Conference. What would the SEC look like? Glad you asked. We wrote a story on it here.

These decisions will impact the future of college football, and it could get quite messy in the next few years as the Big 12 continues to pick up the pieces.