Turns out Lincoln Riley isn’t a big fan of players being able to transfer from within the same conference.

It’s an interesting hill to die on when you consider all the quarterback transfers that have helped Oklahoma in recent years, including one from within the Big 12 as Baker Mayfield came from Texas Tech before suiting up for the Sooners.

Of course, Mayfield had to sit out a season and now that appears to be what Riley is hoping happens to Chandler Morris after the quarterback left Oklahoma for TCU this offseason.

Keep in mind, Morris was never a threat to unseat Oklahoma starting quarterback Spencer Rattler. Be that as it may, TCU’s Gary Patterson recently revealed that Riley has failed to release the quarterback to play next season for TCU.

“We don’t know yet on Chandler, it looks like rules are going to change here real quickly,” Patterson said. “He still hasn’t been released by Oklahoma.”

In response, Riley issued the following comments on Wednesday.

“I would first say on it, this particular situation for us is about something that we believe in,” Riley said. “Myself, the leadership here at OU, we think it’s unhealthy for college football to encourage intraconference transfers. Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re against people being able to transfer at other institutions, any other institution we want. I think that rule obviously has been changed, and I think it was a good rule to change, and now players have the ability and freedom, as they should, to be able to go to any school they want.

“But I do think the intraconference can complicate things, and I think the world of coaches understand the big picture and understand all that’s going to bring along a lot of negatives that I just know that we want in this game.”

It didn’t take long for Riley to get mocked online for these comments: