The last time UCF quarterback McKenzie Milton was at Disney World for a football-related event, he was being showered with praise coming off of an undefeated 2017 season.

The Knights held a parade following that season to celebrate the undefeated season.

ESPN’s College GameDay was live at Disney World Saturday morning, and Milton miraculously shared this he’s 100 percent recovered from nerve damage he suffered on a catastrophic hit during 2018.

Milton’s injury was so severe that amputation was on the table. Thankfully, doctors were able to save his leg, and now, it appears that Milton has no nerve damage as a result of the injury.

ESPN’s Maria Taylor caught up with Milton during the pregame show.

“I’m a lot further along than any doctor would anticipate or predict, and that’s by the grace of God and a lot of prayers and a lot of support by close friends and people I don’t even know,” Milton told ESPN’s Maria Taylor. “With my nerve damage, I’m basically back to 100%. I have full feeling in my foot. You know that’s very rare, sometimes it never comes back for some people and the artery, the blood is flowing great.

“So now it’s just about getting range of motion and building strength back up.”

Milton, of course, won’t play this season, but he’s aiming for a return in 2020. Even without Milton, the UCF Knights will certainly be relevant in the college football picture once again.

You can watch the full segment below: