Miami may soon set the new gold standard when it comes to name, image and likeness deals as the Hurricanes could soon land a deal that benefits every single scholarship player on the roster.

How is this possible? According to Gary Ferman of CaneSport, a Florida business named American Top Team has finalized plans to offer $500 a month to all 90 scholarship Hurricane players in exchange for marketing their brand/company.

Should all 90 Miami scholarship players accept the offer, American Top Team is prepared to pay $540,000 annually in NIL payments to the Hurricanes. This deal would be the largest on the NIL market to date.

This NIL offer is being marketed by a company called, “Bring Back The U.” Not exactly a subtle name but that may be the point.

It will be interesting to see how much, if at all, this helps Miami recruit elite prospects to play for Manny Diaz in Coral Gables.

It certainly can’t hurt, and if it pays off for the Hurricanes, there’s little doubt other businesses will try similar moves to support their favorite college football team.