This is a great idea.

Of course, this is likely never going to happen, but that’s not going to stop us from wishing it would happen.

During his most recent media availability, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy floated the idea of holding a spring game against another school, like Arkansas, Texas A&M or Nebraska.

“Yeah, I mean it would be good for us to scrimmage… Arkansas. You got Nebraska got A&M,” Gundy said during his presser. “There’s teams around that would be good to have a spring game, spring scrimmage, where you do like the NFL. Do some inside, do some seven-on(-seven), do some team. I would be for that. Just from a numbers standpoint.”

The way Gundy sees it, his Oklahoma State team would not only be able to get in quality work with a spring game against another school, but it would help address depth issues that can come up during the spring.

“So what happens is, when we get into the spring game on most years, we don’t have enough depth to have a real good spring game,” Gundy continued. “So the reason we haven’t had one in a while is because I think it’s not favorable for the fans, because we don’t have enough depth, and then you can’t function.

“If you were to play a game against Arkansas or Nebraska or A&M or somebody, and practice game, you could get really quality work. So I would be for that, in just short notice without thinking through it.”

How great would this be?

Check out Gundy’s comments courtesy of Sports Director at OKC KOCO-TV Bryan Keating:

Where do we sign up?