Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski was not in the mood to discuss “the next step forward” for his team after the Blue Devils lost at Louisville on Saturday, 70-65. But that’s the question he was asked by a student reporter after the game.

Duke fell to 5-5 on the season.

“Why don’t we just evaluate this game,” Coach K said. “I’m not into what our next step forward is right now. We just finished a hard fought game. What’s your major? What’s your major at Duke? What’s your hardest class?

The reporter said econ.

Coach K replied, “OK, say you just had the toughest econ test in the world, and when you walked out, somebody asked you, ‘What’s your next step?’ You see what I mean. Do you have some empathy. Just give us time to evaluate this game and we’ll figure out, just like we always try to do.”

Coach K was understandably frustrated after it was his team’s third straight loss. The Blue Devils are also 3-3 in the ACC.