For Florida State coach Mike Novell, these are not good times.

The Seminoles are 0-3 for the first time since 1976, and Norvell is just 3-9 in his second season in Tallahassee, including an embarrassing home loss 2 weeks ago to Jacksonville State.

The results have FSU fans everywhere calling for a coaching change.

On Tuesday, Norvell spoke with ESPN in an extensive interview about his team’s struggles, as well as what he ultimately hopes to accomplish at Florida State.

It’s a process, however, that he said will take time.

“There’s nobody that expects more than I expect,” Norvell told ESPN. “Nobody wants to be 0-3. But it’s my job to set the foundation of this program so we won’t have to experience this again. We have to learn the lessons now. As we get success and build upon the positives, that’s when our program is going to take that step, but I’m not going to seek a shortcut in the process and lower the standards in any way because we have to do this right.”

Norvell added that the biggest issue for his team in its 0-3 start to ths season has been a lack of consistency, which is something that needs to be cleaned up.

“We are not a finished product,” Norvell said. “We’ve got to demand that consistency from our players. It showed up in the first game, guys responding the right way. The last couple of weeks, we’ve let circumstances distract us in moments of what we needed to do and that’s something that we have to grow through and get corrected. But it’s something that doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, and we’re continuing to work on that.”

While it’s clear that Florida State fans have little faith in him, as well as his players and staff, Norvell is far more positive about the foundation that’s being built. He also believes he has the support he needs from FSU’s administration.

“You always evaluate all aspects of the program. We’re working to make sure that the results that we see on the field are to the standard of how we want to operate,” Norvell said. “We’re going to continue to work as coaches and players to make sure that we’re doing all of our part to help Florida State get back to where it needs to be.

“I’m not just a coach that’s trying to inspire when it’s easy. My job is to develop and, work through the process of failure sometimes. We’ve experienced failure in games, we’ve experienced tough moments. But it’s not deterring from what the ultimate objective is, and that’s for the improvement of this program. That’s what we’re going to fight for.”