If you missed the meltdown from Tallahassee, it appears Marvin Wilson and his FSU teammates are prepared to move forward under Mike Norvell’s leadership.

The trouble in Tallahassee started late Wednesday evening after Wilson called a statement from Norvell disingenuous. Wilson, a team captain for FSU, went so far as to stay the players plan on halting all workouts until further notice.

Those comments caused a firestorm of reaction and led to Norvell holding a team meeting with his players on Thursday morning.

Following the meeting, Wilson says he and his teammates are ready to get back to their preparations for the upcoming season but he wasn’t backing down from his original claims and he issued a lengthy video statement sharing his thoughts following the team meetings.

Among the agenda for the players in Tallahassee is a series of community outreach they plan to undertake in the days and months to come.

Check out the video below from Wilson, with was captioned with the following post:

“Took a stand we got what we wanted & we are moving forward!!! I appreciate Coach Norvell for encouraging me to use my platform and speak for what me and teammates believe in. Be the change that you need when you was growing up and help build black communities up and take back what is ours.”