Central Florida is dealing with a loss of four players from its roster following a traffic stop where one of them was arrested.

The Orlando Sentinel shared the details, and reported that the players are junior defensive end Randy Charlton, redshirt senior defensive tackle Kenny Turnier, redshirt senior linebacker Eric Mitchell and Antwan Collier, who was arrested.

According to the Sentinel, UCF police officers noticed two cars that appeared to be racing near campus early Thursday morning. One of the cars ran a red light and was pulled over by police on Gemini Boulevard near Libra Drive. Police identified Collier as the driver and Mitchell and defensive backs Aaron Robinson and Brandon Moore as passengers.

Officers reported they smelled cannabis inside the car and while searching the car, they found a backpack on a passenger-side floorboard with a “loaded AR 15 semi-automatic rifle with a magazine inserted” and a “Glock pistol with an extended magazine.”

During Collier’s arrest, a group of five people campus police identified as football players walked up to the scene and shouted obscene insults at police. The passengers in the car were calm and urged police not to arrest Collier, but some lost their composure and joined others cursing at police as officers finished taking Collier into custody.

Some of the players who walked up to the scene of arrest shouted insults that included a variation of the term “pig” and expletives, with one person suggesting, “I bet they’ll try to put some coke up in there. You know how these pigs do,” according to a supplemental incident report.

Coach Josh Heupel released a statement when he announced several players were dismissed.

“I want to make it abundantly clear that the behavior of some of our football players last Thursday was completely inappropriate,” Heupel stated. “Those actions are not who we are or what we’re about. They are not representative of our university or our program. That’s not us, that’s not UCF. That’s not UCF Football, and we have to be better than that.”