Football Scoop is reporting that former Valdosta High School and Hoover High School coach Rush Prospt is in the hospital with COVID-19 and pneumonia.

Jason Sciavicco, who was the director of the show “Titletown” which featured Propst and his team, made the announcement about Propst’s status on Twitter:

Propst had recently been in the news for comments he had made suggesting that both Alabama and Georgia and a few other SEC teams, cheated to get players.

Later, however, Propst would take those comments back. Propst was let go earlier this year by Valdosta High school for recruiting allegations.

Apparently, Propst had promised the families of some football players that he would pay for their living expenses if they moved to the area and played for him.

Because of these allegations, VHS had to forfeit seven games from 2020 and pay a $7,500 fine. The school was also told they will not be participating in the playoffs this fall either.