Sonny Dykes calmly soaked in the confetti falling from above as TCU celebrated an improbable win over Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday night.

Dykes, the Horned Frogs coach, and the Horned Frogs advanced to the national championship with a 51-45 victory that saw plenty of wild plays and official reviews throughout the game.

“It just shows what these guys are all about, they believed in each other, they believed in us, just couldn’t be more proud, we’re excited to go play now,” Dykes said.

Dykes praised QB Max Duggan and called him tough and pointed out that nothing bothers him.

“He’s just got that confidence and belief in himself and his teammates,” Dykes said. “Couldn’t be more proud of what these guys have accomplished and let’s go play our tail off next week and win it.”

Dykes also highlighted his defense, which did a great job of stopping the run.

“All week we heard about Big Ten football and how they were going to line up and run over us, and defensively, they made some plays, but we did a great job stopping the run and force them to do some things they weren’t comfortable doing,” Dykes said. “Couldn’t be more proud of the defense, thought they played incredibly hard and just like we expected them to.”

Dykes added the was anxious to watch the Peach Bowl between Ohio State and Georgia to see who TCU’s opponent will be.