The entire nation saw what TCU head coach Sonny Dykes saw on Monday night in the national championship beatdown that Georgia administered to his Horned Frogs.

Not only were the Bulldogs too big and too talented, they were way too fast for his underdog TCU team that was picked to finish way down in the Big 12 standings, but which played its way all the way to the brink of a national title.

Dykes knows that to get his program to that next level — to Georgia’s level — his roster needed some tweaks.

“You’re always looking for weaknesses and how to attack those weaknesses. Georgia had very few of them,” said Dykes. “What makes them special is that they’re very good up front. That, to me, is the biggest difference. They were really good up front offensively and really good up front defensively. Really, really solid football team.”

Dykes also talked about heading to the transfer portal to get some of that SEC-type talent that he saw up close on Monday night.

“That’s what we’re always trying to do. Some of those kids that are coming are local kids,” said Dykes, who couldn’t talk specifically about which players he’s bringing in from the SEC until they enroll at TCU.

“We recruit really hard. They may not choose TCU the first time, and our hope is that when they decide to move on for whatever reason (they choose TCU then).”