Will Texas rise with Steve Sarkisian leading the Longhorn program?

Don’t bet on it, says Paul Finebaum.

During a recent appearance on ESPN program “Get Up,” Finebaum was asked if the expectations surrounding the Texas program were legit.

“They are not. Texas is no big deal, other than to Texas fans. This is not a relevant program anymore,” Finebaum answered. “Go back to 2013 when Texas people fired Mack Brown. He didn’t resign, he was shown the door. The same Mack Brown who now has North Carolina in the top 10.

“Texas can’t even win its own state anymore. It lost two of his best players Alabama, it’s pathetically behind, Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M. It’s way, way behind their biggest rival up in Norman, Oklahoma. Texas is fighting for third, at best, in its own league and I don’t really see a clear path.”

Harsh words there from Finebaum.

Does that mean he doesn’t believe Sarkisian is the right man for the job?

“I think he’s as good as anyone else but the problem isn’t Sark, the problem is Texas people,” Finebaum continued. “Nick Saban told me one time, when he was considering – after he turned down Texas, he didn’t want to report to 15 or 20 billionaires everyday. That’s the way that that program rolls. Saban took over and Alabama and said, ‘I’m in charge here.’

“Lincoln Riley has very few people that he has to answer to in Norman, that’s the problem for Sark. Every other minute somebody else is calling up and wanting a piece of him and that program. Until they clear that up, and they haven’t yet, that program will be stuck in the mud.”

This is music to the ears of Texas A&M fans everywhere.