Texas fans everywhere are excited about the future of Longhorn football under new head coach Steve Sarkisian.

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is the most prominent diehard Texas football fan. The UT-Austin alum has been spotted roaming the sidelines at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on more than one occasion.

McConaughey recently appeared on Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN+ show “Stephen A.’s World.” The start of the Sarkisian era of Longhorn football was one of the topics that came up during McConaughey’s appearance.

“Look, I feel good and I feel hopeful,” McConaughey told Smith. “He obviously did great work as an OC at Alabama. He’s now stepping into the HC, which is the same but more and a different job than he had then. Look, at the University of Texas, you’ve got to understand how to embrace the awesome scrutiny that comes with the stage here — as players and as coaches. The stage at the University of Texas is like no other.

“So in that way, because it’s like no other, you actually are an underdog at UT. Now, who can shine on that stage? I want him to bring — he’s got an underdog mentality. He’s got his retribution story. He’s got his own redemption story. Well, let’s parlay and parcel that into our becoming of who our football program is right now. We want badass with character. Let’s see.

“I’ve yet to meet him. I’m going to give him a call here, maybe this afternoon to catch up to him, because I want to explain about some things. But you get handed the keys to the Ferrari at the University of Texas. So you’ve got to remember that, when you were driving to get to this position, you were grinding. You were braking late turns. Don’t start braking early now. Let’s get it on. Let’s roll.”

Sark appears to have the Minister of Culture’s backing as he settles into his new gig in Austin.