At Texas games, “The Eyes of Texas” song is the school spirit song, but it has come under fire recently.

Students are trying to get rid of the song, due to its racist origins, but let’s just say some boosters with deep pockets aren’t fans of that path.

Controversy has been surrounding the Texas program recently, with leaks showing some people making threats to cancel season tickets, end big donations or boycott games if the song isn’t played.

And, on Monday, Texas player Caden Sterns took to Twitter to say he and his teammates have been threatened by alumni that if they don’t stay on the field for the song, they’ll have to leave Texas to find jobs after their Longhorn careers are over:

Sterns didn’t name names, but if he has evidence of those allegations, those Texas alumni could face some ramifications.

We’ll see what the school decides to do about the song, but it’s clear this is a highly charged issue.