The talk of either UCF or Boise State crashing the College Football Playoff someday probably wouldn’t ever stop anyway, but it definitely won’t now.

The two Group of 5 schools have upped their respective schedules in 2021 and 2023 … by scheduling each other. Yes, the team that still claims the 2017 national championship will host the Broncos in Orlando in 2021 before flying across the country to play on the blue turf against the Mountain West reigning power.

This is great for college football fans — and talk show analysts who like to prop up the two schools — but, in the end, it probably won’t make any difference of whether or not these two schools get in, or even deserve to get in, the playoff as they will both still have diluted conference schedules that will hurt their chances with strength of opponents.

Still, this game will be fun to watch and we encourage more schools to go out of their way to arrange big-time meetings like this.