Urban Meyer offered some rare insight into how coaches handle late-game clock management situations, and specifically how Penn State fared in its loss to Indiana last week.

On the Big Ten Network during a segment with Gerry DiNardo, Meyer explained how coaches have game management charts to assess how to handle the remaining time, and when to kneel. Meyer said the clock should be at 1:22 or less to take a knee, and in the Penn State situation, there was 1:47 on the clock when the Nittany Lions, who held a one-point lead, ran a play and scored against Indiana with 1:42 remaining. That gave the Hoosiers enough time to score and ultimately force overtime with 22 seconds remaining.

“Penn State was right, they had to run one more play,” Meyer said. “However, don’t score. You have to get down. Get the first down and get down.”

Meyer then explained that several national championship-winning coaches have made mistakes with clock management, and it’s easy to paralyze a coach with too much information. Meyer said he had a play at Ohio State, which was an inside run for the ballcarrier to get down once they secured a first down.

“You can throw blame everywhere, everybody makes mistakes,” Meyer said. “The shame is this game could’ve been won.”